Floating Solar

Untapped Potential

Floating solar leverages unused water surface area to generate clean, renewable electricity as an alternative to ground-mounted solar systems. This provides a unique solution to continue expanding solar energy production even as available land becomes more valuable and scarce.

Unlocking Additional Value

Floating solar has numerous advantages in addition to regular ground-mount solar: the surrounding water allows for cooler more consistent temperatures, increasing operating efficiency by 10-15%, and these systems have numerous water quality benefits that increase the value of the body of water.

Evaporation reduction

Covering surface water with floating solar substantially reduces evaporation, even with small systems. The increased water retention has a great impact both financially and on water security in an increasingly warming climate.

Water Quality Benefits

Floating solar systems significantly reduce algae growth, even at low coverage area. Additionally, Noria energy can seamlessly integrate aeration and water quality monitoring to give you greater control over your water body.

Multiple Applications

Floating solar systems easily integrate with hydroelectric facilities including dams, and pumped-hydro diversifying energy generation for more resilient, reliable production. They are also easily dispatched atop water treatment facilities aiding in water treatment while supplying electricity. As well, these systems can be deployed on industrial ponds or any other unproductive water area to generate both energy and savings.