Floating Solar R&D

Noria Energy develops resilient, renewable energy systems that generate long-term value for your business or community.

Key Customer Segments

We serve a broad variety of customer segments! Hydropower, water utility/water treatment, agriculture & viticulture, community solar programs, mining operations, commercial and industrial customers – to name a few.

Those we work with most tend to be near inland freshwater bodies, have scarce or valuable land they would rather not use for a ground-mount solar system, are looking for ways to improve the quality of their water (see floating solar’s other benefits), and/or desire to access cost-effective renewable energy. Contact us to learn more.

Water Agencies
Heavy Industry
Water Agencies
Heavy Industry

Floating Solar Benefits

Floating solar studies show multiple water quality and water retention benefits.


Reduces Evaporation
Decreases Harmful Algae Blooms


Advanced tracking solution for floating solar to improve your project economics.

Rotational Tracking

With Noria’s AquaPhi™ technology, floating solar islands autonomously and synchronously rotate to track the sun over the course of each day, producing more energy than fixed anchored systems.

Power & Controls

The AquaPhi™ platform is designed for reliable 24/7 operation. It uses advanced autopilot technology to accurately position and orient the floating islands, with real-time diagnostics for predictive O&M.


Powerful underwater thrusters capable of positioning the floating islands while rotating to track the sun.

Power On-Site Water Treatment

The same AquaPhi™ hardware used for solar tracking can be configured to power onsite water treatment and monitoring equipment.

R&D Pilot Deployments



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